Online education has become a trend and popular channel for many students and working adults to earn their degree. Online education creates a flexible and convenient environment for students to earn their degree while maintaining their preferred living style. But, many still doubt about the value of online degree, you may concern on how your potential employer will look at you during the job interview if you degree is earned through online education. Do employers look down on online degree? You may ask. This is an important question that needs to be answered because you need to ensure that your degree you going to earn through online will helps you to start your career smoothly after graduation.According to Market Data Retrieval, a Connecticut-based firm that supplies education marketing information and services shows currently there are more than 4,700 accredited higher education institutions nationwide and nearly half of these schools offer an accredited degree, with the majority putting courses online. In fact, more and more prestige and reputable traditional universities offering online degree program that enable their students to attend online classes from remote locations. This is a good indication that online degree programs are widely acceptable in the job market else the online education will not grow so tremendously.In fact, employers are more concern about “fake degree”. If you are earning a degree through online degree program from a reputable and properly accredited online university, your online degree has no different than those earned from “brick & mortar” universities. There are many online degree scams, most commonly known as diploma mills offering fast-track degree through their “fake” online degree programs where you can earn your degree extremely fast, some are within a few days. The degree earned from diploma mills is totally unacceptable in the job market. If you apply a job position using degree issued by diploma mills and is found out by the employer, the employer will definitely look down on your degree in concern to the “fake degree” instead of online degree.If you have decided to pursue your degree through an online degree program, you need to spend some time to search for a right online university. There are many online universities offering the degree of you choice. What you need to do is get as many program information as you can from those online universities, then review each and every one carefully, eliminate those online degree programs that are not meeting your requirement AND those sound suspicious to be “fake” degrees. Once your short listed the degree programs that at the first glance are recognized and properly accredited, your next step is to confirm the accreditation of those online universities with the accreditation database from Those legitimate and accredited online universities are listed in this database. As long as you are getting online degree from properly accredited by a recognized accreditation agency, you shouldn’t face any problem when you use this degree to start your career later.SummaryOnline degrees is compatible with on-campus degrees and it’s accepted by most of employers if your online degree is earned through a reputable online university that is properly accredited by an accredited agency that is recognized by U.S Department of Education.

The consistent rise of overall college tuition has given me reason to think about my own degree and what mine has meant to me and for me. Here are my thoughts on the matter.I received a bachelor of arts degree in mass communications back in 1995. I’ve gone back and forth with myself over what purpose the degree has in my life. My initial impression was the degree is job related. I studied television and radio journalism in college, so my degree means I’ve had enough training to work in the radio or tv field. I was in fact able to get work in the radio business for 10 years. However, the work I was doing was totally unrelated to my degree. I have never worked in tv or radio journalism. None of the radio jobs I held for the 10 years I was in the business necessitated a degree. Several of my coworkers did not have degrees and held similar positions to myself.After my radio stint, I decided to make a career switch to the IT field. I took some night classes, obtained a certification as an Oracle Database Administrator and began my job hunt. At this time, I began to focus more on my past work experience on my resume. I have always indicated I have a degree on the resume but it has been getting a lower priority the more time I have worked. My first employer in IT did not overtly require me to have a degree, but I believe they gave me more money that they would have if I did not have a degree.My current employer did take notice of the subject of my degree (mass communications), which is the first time in my career that was focused on. My pay was somewhat more than my previous employer, which gives me the impression that my degree still has something to do with the extra salary.I’ve had discussions with my parents in the past about “why did I get this degree?” While I initially thought the degree was directly correlated to your employment choice, I’m now under the belief that is not always the case. If you are getting a degree in accounting, pre-med, pre-law, then of course you’re getting a degree predisposed to a certain line of work. However, there are numerous other degrees (liberal arts degrees like my mass communications for one) that often do not directly apply to a line of work.So, the following two questions remain:1) If you get a degree that is directly suited to a career, will that benefit you?It seems to go without saying that a degree directly related to a career will suit you if you choose to pursue that career, and in some cases if you pursue a similar career (ex: my current job involves some writing, a skill I began developing while working on my degree).2) If my degree doesn’t have a direct correlation to a specific job, do I really need it?I have asked myself this question pretty much since graduating college and I continue to ask myself this today. The selfish person in me would say “Don’t waste your time – focus on what will provide you a career.” However, the more philosophical side of me argues “Get the degree – life is an adventure and you are not obligated to be so short sighted to believe that everything you do should advance your career.”I make homebrew beer. Do you think that has anything to do with my degree or the work I do currently? Um…NO. I play trumpet. It hasn’t come up at all at any job I’ve worked (except for maybe in a job interview here and there.) My point here is the experiences you get in life on the whole add up to make you who you are. You will pick up skills along the way that help you with work. You will also learn what you like to do, which is ultimately what you spend all that time working to make enough money (hopefully) to do.So I say get the degree. Get financial aid if you need to – I’ve been paying off my loan ever since a few months after I graduated. Guess what? In a little over 3 years, the loan will be paid off and I’ll still have the degree.

Bachelor degree education is a traditional degree required to receive a minimum educational excellence. It is a college level education offered by almost all the colleges and universities the world over. It is generally a four year course. However, some colleges and universities also take three to five years to complete the bachelor degree courses.Bachelor’s degree is also popularly known as the undergraduate course. The students enroll for a suitable undergraduate program of their own choice. After completing the course successfully, the student is awarded with the bachelor’s degree certificate. A student can take up a major subject along with few other related subjects to complete the undergraduate course.Bachelor degrees education is also known as Baccalaureate degree. Bachelor’s degree is taken up after finishing high school level education from any recognized and accredited schools or charter schools. Most of the colleges, bachelor degree schools and universities offer courses in arts, humanities and science. Moreover, there are colleges, which offer undergraduate courses specifically in commerce and business. These three streams consist of all the academic subjects, which are taken up for an undergraduate course.Apart from the academic courses, online bachelors degree programs are also offered in the fields of music, fine arts, professional and technical courses. Degrees in business, management, fine arts, pharmacy, law and engineering are offered as undergraduate courses. Almost all the students who have completed their school education can pursue undergraduate courses. However, for specialized studies, magnet schools background helps in the process of selection. This degree is very relevant for everyone, who wishes to pursue higher studies or other professional courses to prepare for a specific career from the beginning.     A bachelor degree program is also offered for the students, who are doing a major or honors in Education. A bachelor degree in this subject is meant for those who want to be a teacher in future. Thus, these can also be called as teacher education programs. Hence, a degree in education will suffice to make a teacher for primary and secondary level schools. A good bachelor degree teacher is what every school needs today.   Since the advent of Internet, various colleges and universities have started to offer bachelor degree education online. While in these cases, the whole course is offered by the colleges and universities online, the students do not need to attend regular classes.Besides online bachelor degrees offered by the colleges and universities, distance learning programs are also available in most of these countries and many of them offer an accredited online bachelor degree. The colleges, which offer distance bachelor degree education, have the same courses as the regular ones as well as the certificates as the distance learning bachelor’s degree graduate. However, there are colleges and universities, which award a regular degree even for a student of bachelor degree education distance.The undergraduate courses and duration for various subjects may differ from one country to another. Countries like USA, Canada, Australia and Britain have their own courses in undergraduate programs, but the relevance of a graduate degree is respected and valued in the same way in all the countries. So even if you are applying at a foreign university for post-graduate programs, a bachelor degree from your home country will help you a lot. Many developing and under developed countries have taken various measures to educate the mass population and they have taken up measures to promote advanced higher education policy.Certified education is one of the most important stepping stones in one’s life. So to achieve a better position in work and to secure a brighter future, one needs to pursue most diligently a bachelor degree education.

Your degree is so important because it will help you to secure a good job after you graduate from your college and it determines how smoothly your career will get started. If you choose to pursue your degree online, you need to ensure that you are getting your degree from the best online university.There are many good online universities that offering good degree programs. But the best online university should offer online degree program that have courses to fulfill your career goal. Before you enroll into any of online degree program, request as many information as possible from online universities which offer online degree of your selected career field. Carefully review the courses offer by each program, short listed the programs that best fit your career needs.Imagine what will happen if you just realize that your degree you use to apply a job position is a “fake degree”, even worse if it is discovered by your potential employer. It would better you put some efforts to ensure you degree you going to pursue is from a reputable online university which are issuing a “real” and valuable degree to their students. Prestige & reputable online universities are properly accredited by an accreditation agency that is recognized by US Department of Education. An online university who has gone through a proper accreditation process shows that their online degree programs are meeting a certain education standard that is accepted nationally in the job market. Check again your selected online universities against accreditation database from and make sure they are listed.Famous movie stars are known by most people, same goes with famous online universities, it will well known by most companies and the bosses. Getting your degree from an online university which has created its brand and a good reputation in the job market will surely make easy for you when you enter the job market later. A degree from a reputable online university will make your resume look good and it makes easy for the hiring manager because he does not need to further verify your degree.University of Phoenix, Kaplan University and Capella University are among the top brand online universities which are well known by most of employers. There are many online universities that are offering a career or field special focus online degree programs; for examples Chamberlain College of Nursing provides health & nursing related online degree program, Concord Law School focus on online legal / law degrees and all degrees offered by Indiana Business College are business field related degree programs.The best online university does not necessary offers the best online degree program in the subjects. There are online universities which are not among the best if compare to those top online universities, but it has certain online degree programs that are well know and getting many good positive feedbacks in the market. You may want to consider these online universities if their best online degree programs are among your degree of choices.SummaryGetting a degree from a well reputation online university will make easy for you when enter the job market after graduation. You need to ensure you are getting a degree from the best university so that you degree will make your resume look good and draw the maximum attention in your job application.

Having worked with many thousands of students at – and beyond – many colleges and universities both in the United Kingdom and more internationally, I have seen at first hand many of the most common problems that students experience and also been involved in their resolution so I feel that I am able to provide some comment here.Therefore, in this article I am going to now look to provide you with guidance on some of the areas where the most common problems have arisen for students studying at college and/or university and as to how these problems may be resolved. This is because it is an inescapeable fact that studying at college or university in modern time can be both a daunting and fun period in your life that has only been exacerbated by the current world’s economic problems that are being experienced internationally in almost every country.As a result it is perhaps little wonder that money and issues of finance are a central concernt to students. This is because almost all students are constantly lacking funds and have to find ways to finance their housing, nutrition and – of course – their entertainment. Therefore, it cannot be overstated that there is a need for students now more than ever to look to work to a budget and plan what you are going to do with your money throughout the whole academic year – you may also find that getting a part-time job will help so go to your college or university’s employment bureau and see what they can offer you.Another common problem – those of us who experience the dreaded ‘Clearing System’ will know just how bad that this can be! – is with getting on the course you want in the first place at your chose college or university. There is a need to appreciated that the more popular your course is with students like you, the more difficult and competitive you will find it to get a place studying that subject. Therefore, you need to look to make your decisions and sign up for the course that you want to have a place on as quickly as you possibly can to stand a better chances AND also look to have a back-up second choice subject or institution in mind where you may experience trouble.There is also a need to make sure that you have the time to work AND study both on your course and as part of your homework – these problems are then only further exacerbated where there is a need to work to make ends meet. As a result, this often means cramming in a lot of studying in a short period of time. You can help yourself by planning your time carefully so that you have time to go to classes, study AND work so that you can meet all of your deadlines in both your personal and academic lives so that you are then able to get the results that you are seekingClasses can also be difficult in practice where your teachers/professors arrogance or own self-importance affects a student’s professional relationship with their professor or their actual grades. As a result, unfortunately, worst case scenario there is often a need to bite your tongue and do some ‘sucking up’ big style in order to retain a good working relationship that allows you to achieve the results that you need. Of course there are many, many great teachers who will bend over backwards to help you in any way that they can, but there are also others who have become tainted by the profession and do not get the same enjoyment that they once did.Now we shall get to another significant problem – drugs and alcohol.The unfortunate reality is that, in college and/or university, however much effort is put in by the institution’s administration to limit their availability, drugs and alcohol are also a common problem as they are everywhere. Matters are then also not helped by the fact that since students at college and university are adults they often take full advantage to the detriment of their studies, social life, and health. Therefore, you must look to avoid temptation because students have died of drug overdoses or alcohol poisoning so you need to get help as soon as possible where you think that you need it since the consequences can be dire.Similarly, there is also a need to be aware of the dreaded hormones . . .This is because whilst colleges and universities (as well as high schools) do their best to raise awareness of the potential for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases/sexually transmitted infections (STDs/STIs) and unwanted pregnancy, responsibility rests on the individual. Therefore, the easiest piece of advice I can give you is to take precautions (e.g. condoms, the pill, etc . . .) and, if there are none available, just DO NOT do it!!